In case you missed it, Google just published advice for SEOs on how to continually do well throughout their algorithm changes.

Now, what most people don’t know is Google doesn’t just push out a handful of algorithm changes per year.

They publish substantially more.

Just to give you an idea of how often Google changes, they had 3,200 algorithm changes in just 1 year.

You heard me right, 3,200 changes.

That’s a lot!

So instead of focusing on one algorithm update that you may read about, you need to focus on making your site compatible with Google’s core goal.

First I’ll go over the advice they are telling us all to follow… and then I’ll break down what it really means.

Google’s advice to SEOs

Just like most of their announcements, Google tends to be vague. But of course, they did mention that you should focus on content.

What’s interesting, though, is they did give a list of questions that you should ask yourself with your existing and new content.

But as I mentioned they are vague… so I decided to do something a bit unique. Next to each question that Google provides (in the color black), you’ll find my thoughts on what I think Google is trying to tell you (in the color orange).

Here goes:

Content and quality questions

  • Does the content provide original information, reporting, research, or analysis? – Although Google doesn’t penalize for duplicate content, they are looking for new, fresh content. With over a billion blogs on the Internet, there is a lot of regurgitated content out there these days.
  • Does the content provide a substantial, complete, or comprehensive description of the topic? – When a user performs a search, Google wants to give them what they are looking for with the least amount of work. They don’t want to have the user go to multiple sites to get their answer. Pages that are thorough and answer all parts of the user’s search query are more likely to rank. In other words, if you write thin content, it probably isn’t satisfactory for the searcher, which means you may not rank as high as you want.
  • Does the content provide insightful analysis or interesting information that is beyond obvious? – Does your content have more to offer than what your competition is producing? Go above and beyond by providing additional analysis or drawing your own conclusions using additional data that may be helpful to the reader.
  • If the content draws on other sources, does it avoid simply copying or rewriting those sources and instead provide substantial additional value and originality? – Don’t just copy and paste someone else’s content then link to them and provide a few lines of commentary. If you are going to reference someone else’s content, make sure you draw your own conclusions and the majority of the text on that page is unique and useful.
  • Does the headline and/or page title provide a descriptive, helpful summary of the content? – 8 out of 10 people read a headline and only 2 out of 10 people click through to read the rest. Your headlines not only need to be appealing, but they need to summarize the content. Don’t just focus on keywords or clickbait, focus on user experience with your headlines.
  • Does the headline and/or page title avoid being exaggerating or shocking in nature? – Google can tell if you are using clickbait as that typically causes a high bounce rate. If they see that people are going back to the SERP listing, it means that your content wasn’t up to par and you just used clickbait to trick searchers.
  • Is this the sort of page you’d want to bookmark, share with a friend, or recommend? – As Eric Schmidt, the ex-CEO of Google, once said, brands are the solution. Google prefers ranking brands, so don’t prioritize SEO. Focus first on your user. Make them love your content, your product, and your service.
  • Would you expect to see this content in or referenced by a printed magazine, encyclopedia, or book? – If you think your content is so great you are willing to print it out and hang it up on your wall, you have done a great job. If you are just creating content for the sake of it, people will be able to tell.

Expertise questions

  • Does the content present information in a way that makes you want to trust it, such as clear sourcing, evidence of the expertise involved, background about the author or the site that publishes it, such as through links to an author page or a site’s About page? – The best way to position yourself as an expert is to use data and cite your sources. In addition, if you are going to be an expert, make sure you have your name on the page and even link to your bio.
  • If you researched the site producing the content, would you come away with an impression that it is well-trusted or widely-recognized as an authority on its topic? – Compared to your competition how are you seen? If you are more respected and more popular, it shows that you are potentially an expert. You should work on your brand queries as it will help get you more visibility.
  • Is this content written by an expert or enthusiast who demonstrably knows the topic well? – Are you faking it or are you clearly an expert on this topic? Sure, I can research the law and write content about the law, but I am not a lawyer and it would be obvious. Write about what you know, and if you don’t know it, go learn it really well first before writing about it.
  • Is the content free from easily-verified factual errors? – Creating fake news will hurt you. Don’t contribute false information to the web. If you write a few pieces with false information and Google catches on, it could potentially damage your whole site.
  • Would you feel comfortable trusting this content for issues relating to your money or your life? – If someone does a search on Google and lands on your site, what will happen if they read your content? If they continue on to another site and continually researches, it means that they don’t trust you enough yet. Not only is it important for you to create amazing content, but you need to show the reader why you are a credible source and why they should pay attention to you instead of someone else in the space.

Presentation and production questions

  • Is the content free from spelling or stylistic issues? – Check your content for grammar and spelling errors. Once you do that, make sure your content is easy to read. For example, having a neon font color on a white background is hard to read.
  • Was the content produced well, or does it appear sloppy or hastily produced? – Spend time making sure the content you put out on the web is polished. From custom graphics and videos to images and podcasts, make sure the overall experience is great. Writing good content isn’t enough as everyone is doing that these days.
  • Is the content mass-produced by or outsourced to a large number of creators, or spread across a large network of sites, so that individual pages or sites don’t get as much attention or care? – Google wants individual pages to fully answer searchers questions. If someone is looking for an answer and you link out to a lot of other sites to explain your answer, then you aren’t creating the best experience. Focus on creating an amazing experience not only from a site level but from an individual page level too.
  • Does the content have an excessive amount of ads that distract from or interfere with the main content? – Your website needs to load fast. Ads slow down a site and can ruin the user experience. Monetizing shouldn’t be the core focus of your site, instead, it should be to educate and help visitors.
  • Does content display well for mobile devices when viewed on them? – Roughly 60% of searches on Google happen on mobile devices. Your content needs to be mobile and tablet friendly.

Comparative questions

  • Does the content provide substantial value when compared to other pages in search results? – If you are trying to rank for a keyword, look at the top 10 pages that currently take up page 1 and make sure your content is better and more thorough than what is already ranking. If you don’t create something that is superior in quality, there is no reason for Google to place your site above the competition.
  • Does the content seem to be serving the genuine interests of visitors to the site or does it seem to exist solely by someone attempting to guess what might rank well in search engines? – Don’t write content for search engines. Write for humans first as Google’s goal is to satisfy humans. Even in the short run if this means you won’t rank as high, that’s fine. Eventually, Google will figure it out and your content will rank higher over time as long as you are focusing on the end-user.


There were a few other things Google mentioned, such as their quality guidelines, but there was one really important thing that they mentioned.

It’s also important to understand that search engines like Google do not understand content the way human beings do. Instead, we look for signals we can gather about content and understand how those correlate with how humans assess relevance.

Google’s wants to please you, not the version of you that is a marketer or an entrepreneur, but the version of you that uses Google on a daily basis.

When you perform a Google search, are you happy with the results?

If you aren’t, you aren’t going to tell Google with your words as there isn’t an easy way to do that. That’s why they look at signals, such as click-through-rates or how many people hit the back button so they can go back to Google and click on the next listing.

Instead of focusing on SEO, the real trick to winning is to focus on the user.

Go above and beyond and do what is best for them even if you feel it will hurt your rankings in the short run. Because in the long run, Google will figure it out and you should rank better if you are genuinely putting the user first and doing a better job than your competition.

So, what do you think of Google’s advice to SEOs?

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digital marketing

I’ve been testing a new SEO hack and it works no matter how old or how new your site is.

Heck, you can have barely any links, and I’ve found it to work as well.

Best of all, unlike most SEO changes, it doesn’t take months or years to see results from this… you can literally see results in less than 30 minutes.

And here’s what’s crazy: I had my team crawl 10,000 sites to see how many people are leveraging this SEO technique and it was only 17.

In other words, your competition doesn’t know about this yet!

So what is this hack that I speak of?

Google’s ever-changing search results

Not only is Google changing its algorithm on a regular basis, but they also test out new design elements.

For example, if you search for “food near me”, you’ll not only see a list of restaurants but you also see their ratings.

food near me

And if you look up a person, Google may show you a picture of that person and a quick overview.

elon musk

Over the years, Google has adapted its search results to give you the best experience. For example, if you search “2+2” Google will show you the answer of “4” so you don’t have to click through and head over to a webpage.

2 plus 2

But you already know this.

Now, what’s new that no one is really using are FAQ-rich results and Answer Cards.

Here’s what I mean… if you search “digital marketing” you’ll see that I rank on Google. But my listing doesn’t look like most people’s…

digital marketing

As you can see from the image above, Google has pulled FAQ rich results from my site.

And best of all, I was able to pull it off in less than 30 minutes. That’s how quickly Google picked it up and adjusted their SERP listing.

Literally all within 30 minutes.

And you can do the same thing through Answer Cards anytime you have pages related to question and answers.

qa example

So how can you do this?

Picking the right markup

Before we get this going with your site, you have to pick the right schema markup.

FAQpage schema is used when you offer a Frequently Asked Question page or have a product page that contains frequently asked questions about the product itself. This will let you be eligible for a collapsible menu under your SERP with the question, that when clicked on, reveals the answer.

faq rich result

It can also let you be eligible for FAQ Action that is shown on Google Assistant. This can potentially help get you noticed by people using voice search to find out an answer!

faq action

Q&A schema is used when people are contributing different types of answers and can vote for which answer they think is the best. This will provide the rich result cards under your SERP and shows all the answers, with the top answer highlighted.

qa rich result

After making sure you understand what these are used for, Google also has additional guidelines on when you can and can’t use these schema’s for:

Google’s guidelines

Google has a list of FAQpage schema guidelines.

Only use FAQPage if your page has a list of questions with answers. If your page has a single question and users can submit alternative answers, use QAPage instead. Here are some examples:

Valid use cases:

  • An FAQ page was written by the site itself with no way for users to submit alternative answers
  • A product support page that lists FAQs with no way for users to submit alternative answers 

Invalid use cases:

  • A forum page where users can submit answers to a single question
  • A product support page where users can submit answers to a single question
  • A product page where users can submit multiple questions and answers on a single page
  • Don’t use FAQPagefor advertising purposes
  • Make sure each Question includes the entire text of the question and make sure each answer includes the entire text of the answer. The entire question text and answer text may be displayed.
  • Question and answer content may not be displayed as a rich result if it contains any of the following types of content: obscene, profane, sexually explicit, graphically violent, promotion of dangerous or illegal activities, or hateful or harassing language.
  • All FAQcontent must be visible to the user on the source page.

And here are the guidelines for Q&A schema:

Only use the QAPage markup if your page has information in a question and answer format, which is one question followed by its answers.

Users must be able to submit answers to the question. Don’t use QAPage markup for content that has only one answer for a given question with no way for users to add alternative answers; instead, use FAQPage. Here are some examples:

Valid use cases:

  • A forum page where users can submit answers to a single question
  • A product support page where users can submit answers to a single question 

Invalid use cases:

  • An FAQ page was written by the site itself with no way for users to submit alternative answers
  • A product page where users can submit multiple questions and answers on a single page
  • A how-to guide that answers a question
  • A blog post that answers a question
  • An essay that answers a question
  • Don’t apply QAPagemarkup to all pages on a site or forum if not all the content is eligible. For example, a forum may have lots of questions posted, which are individually eligible for the markup. However, if the forum also has pages that are not questions, those pages are not eligible.
  • Don’t use QAPagemarkup for FAQ pages or pages where there are multiple questions per page. QAPagemarkup is for pages where the focus of the page is a single question and its answers.
  • Don’t use QAPagemarkup for advertising purposes.
  • Make sure each Questionincludes the entire text of the question and make sure each Answer includes the entire text of the answer.
  • Answermarkup is for answers to the question, not for comments on the question or comments on other answers. Don’t mark up non-answer comments as an answer.
  • Question and answer content may not be displayed as a rich result if it contains any of the following types of content: obscene, profane, sexually explicit, graphically violent, promotion of dangerous or illegal activities, or hateful or harassing language.

If your content meets these guidelines, the next step is to figure out how to implement the schema onto your website and which type to use.

How do I implement Schema and which to use? 

There are two ways to implement it… either through JSON-LD or Microdata.

I recommend choosing one style and sticking to it throughout your webpage, and I also recommend not using both types on the same page.

JSON-LD is what Google recommends wherever possible and Google has been in the process of adding support for markup-powered features. JSON-LD can be implemented into the header of your content and can take very little time to implement.

The other option is Microdata, which involves coding elements into your website. This can be a challenging process for some odd reason, I prefer it. Below are examples of how each work.

FAQpage Schema JSON-LD:



<title>Digital Marketing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Neil Patel</title>



<script type=”application/ld+json”>


“@context”: “”,

“@type”: “FAQPage”,

“mainEntity”: [


“@type”: “Question”,

“name”: “What is digital marketing?”,

“acceptedAnswer”: {

“@type”: “Answer”,

“text”:”Digital marketing is any form of marketing products or services that involves electronic device”}






FAQpage Schema Microdata:

<html itemscope itemtype=””>


<title>Digital Marketing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Neil Patel</title>



<div itemscope itemprop=”mainEntity” itemtype=””>

<h3 itemprop=”name”>What is digital marketing?</h3>

<div itemscope itemprop=”acceptedAnswer” itemtype=””>

<div itemprop=”text”>

<p>Digital marketing is any form of marketing products or services that involves electronic device.</p>






Q&A Schema JSON-LD:


“@context”: “”,

“@type”: “QAPage”,

“mainEntity”: {

“@type”: “Question”,

“name”: “Can I tie my shoe with one hand?”,

“text”: “I currently have taken a hobby to do many actions with one hand and I’m currently stuck on how to tie a shoe with one hand. Is it possible to tie my shoe with one hand?”,

“answerCount”: 2,

“upvoteCount”: 20,

“dateCreated”: “2019-07-23T21:11Z”,

“author”: {

“@type”: “Person”,

“name”: “Expert at Shoes”


“acceptedAnswer”: {

“@type”: “Answer”,

“text”: “It is possible to tie your shoe with one hand by using your teeth to hold the other lace”,

“dateCreated”: “2019-11-02T21:11Z”,

“upvoteCount”: 9000,

“url”: “”,

“author”: {

“@type”: “Person”,

“name”: “AnotherShoeMan”



“suggestedAnswer”: [


“@type”: “Answer”,

“text”: “It is not possible to tie your shoe with one hand”,

“dateCreated”: “2019-11-02T21:11Z”,

“upvoteCount”: 2,

“url”: “”,

“author”: {

“@type”: “Person”,

“name”: “Best Shoe Man”






Q&A Schema Microdata:

<div itemprop=”mainEntity” itemscope itemtype=””>

<h2 itemprop=”name”>Can I tie my shoe with one hand?</h2>

<div itemprop=”upvoteCount”>20</div>

<div itemprop=”text”>I currently have taken a hobby to do many actions with one hand and I’m currently stuck on how to tie a shoe with one hand. Is it possible to tie my shoe with one hand?</div>

<div>asked <time itemprop=”dateCreated” datetime=”2019-07-23T21:11Z”>July 23’19 at 21:11</time></div>

<div itemprop=”author” itemscope itemtype=””><span

itemprop=”name”>Expert at Shoes</span></div>


<div><span itemprop=”answerCount”>2</span> answers</div>

<div><span itemprop=”upvoteCount”>20</span> votes</div>

<div itemprop=”acceptedAnswer” itemscope itemtype=””>

<div itemprop=”upvoteCount”>9000</div>

<div itemprop=”text”>

It is possible to tie your shoe with one hand by using your teeth to hold the other lace.


<a itemprop=”url” href=””>Answer Link</a>

<div>answered <time itemprop=”dateCreated” datetime=”2019-11-02T22:01Z”>Nov 2 ’19 at 22:01</time></div>

<div itemprop=”author” itemscope itemtype=””><span itemprop=”name”>AnotherShoeMan</span></div>


<div itemprop=”suggestedAnswer” itemscope itemtype=””>

<div itemprop=”upvoteCount”>2</div>

<div itemprop=”text”>

It is not possible to tie your shoe with one hand


<a itemprop=”url” href=”″>Answer Link</a>

<div>answered <time itemprop=”dateCreated”datetime=”2019-11-02T21:11Z”>Nov 2 ’19 at 21:11</time></div>

<div itemprop=”author” itemscope itemtype=””><span

itemprop=”name”>Best Shoe Man</span></div>




When you are implementing it on your website, feel free and just use the templates above and modify them with your content.

If you are unsure if your code is correctly implemented or not, use Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool and you can add your code snippet or the page that you implemented the schema on and it will tell you if you did it right or wrong.

Plus it will give you feedback on if there are any errors or issues with your code.

google structure data testing

You can also try Google’s Rich Result Tester. This will give you a brief look at how your structured data will look like in the results!

google rich snippet

Getting results in under 30 minutes

Once you make the changes to any page that you think is a good fit, you’ll want to log into Google Search Console and enter the URL of the page you modified in the top search bar.

add url

You’ll then want to have Google crawl that page so they can index the results. All you have to do is click “request indexing”.

request indexing

And typically within 10 minutes, you’ll notice it kick in and when you perform a Google search you’ll see your updated listing.

Now the key to making this work is to do this with pages and terms that already rank on page 1. That’s where I’ve seen the biggest improvement.

Will Schema get me to rank for People Also Ask and Featured Snippets?

Will this help with People Also Ask and Featured Snippets? So far, there has been no correlation between schema markup and People Also Ask or Featured Snippets and you do not need them to be featured in them.

Optimizing your content for this will not hurt you though and can potentially improve your chances to be on here.

Google has been testing out how they can show these types of Q&A, FAQ, and How-To results and looking at structured data to help understand them.

It’s better to be early to the game and help Google understand your pages, as well as possibly participating in any of Google’s experiments.


Will this get me on voice search?

With more and more people using mobile devices to find answers to questions, this is a very relevant question!

Especially considering that over half of the searches on Google will be from voice search in the near future.

Answers from voice search get most of their answers from featured snippets.

And adding structured data on your website increases the chances of getting you into featured snippets, which increases the chance of you getting featured on voice search.


This simple hack can potentially increase the visibility of your brand and help improve the authority of your website. It’s a simple solution that can take a single day to implement across your main question, product, or FAQ page.

I’ve been using it heavily for the last week or so and as long as I pick keywords that I already rank on page 1 for, I am seeing great results.

And as I mentioned above, when my team analyzed 10,000 sites we only found 17 to be using FAQ and QA schema. In other words, less than 1% of the sites are using this, which means you if you take advantage now, you’ll have the leg up on your competition.

So what do you think about this tactic? Are you going to use it?

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content ideas

I have a question for you…

How do you figure out what you should blog about?

If I had to take a guess, you probably come up with ideas based on one of two strategies.

The first is to use tools like Ubersuggest to come up with a list of keywords.

keyword overview

But once you find popular keywords, you have to brainstorm topic and titles ideas.

What a drag, right?  

Now, the second way you probably come up with ideas is by using tools like Buzzsumo.

You type in a keyword and it shows you the most popular blog posts that have performed well in the past based on social shares.


But there’s an issue… actually a few issues:

  1. Buzzsumo only shows you 10 ideas… unless you pay them $99 a month.
  2. And just because a blog post has a ton of social shares, it doesn’t mean it will get consistent traffic like you would through SEO. Social shares typically provide a boost in traffic for only a few days and that’s it.
  3. Tools like Ubersuggest show you popular keywords, but it’s not easy to come up with titles based on those keywords.

There must be a better way to find topics you should blog about, right?

There will be in 30 days with your help!

Content marketing made simple

A few weeks ago I made an upgrade to Ubersuggest: I added a free backlink checker called Backlinks.

But why stop there?

I now plan to release a new feature on Ubersuggest that will provide data similar to what you would find on Buzzsumo, but I need your help to do so.

Let’s say you are interested in creating content that gets a lot of traffic.

What’s the process you use?

Well, you probably head over to Ubersuggest and type in a keyword. You’ll see a report that looks something like this:

keyword ideas

You then pick a few keywords and create articles about them. Now sure, at least with this approach you are writing content about keywords that have decent search volume.

But what about the title?

Here’s an interesting stat for you… 8 out of 10 people will read your headline, but only 2 out of 10 will click through and read the rest of your article.

So how do you come up with that title or headline? One that grabs attention.

What if I made that easy for you?

What do you think of the idea of seeing a list of blog articles that have done well anytime you type in a keyword into Ubersuggest? Something that looks like this.

content ideas

*The screenshot has fake data… the real version would show real data with real-time results.

It would list out all of the articles that people have written in the past that contain the keywords you researched in both the title and meta description.

The results would then be sorted by:

  1. Social shares – which content got the most shares on social sites like Facebook and Pinterest.
  2. Estimated visits – how many visits is each article receiving from Google? And what are the keywords that each article ranks for?
  3. Backlinks – how many people are linking to each article? What are the URLs, their domain score, and even page score?

What if I showed you all of that in this “Content Ideas” report that I’m going to add to Ubersuggest?

Here are some more screenshots that’ll help describe what I am trying to create for you… this one shows keywords that a blog post ranks for.


And here is one that shows the web pages linking to a blog post.


Would it help you come up with better content topics to write about?

Why should you want this new Ubersuggest report?

When you write any type of content, as a marketer, you want to ensure that it gets the most amount of traffic.

The current tools will either show you how many social shares a similar article received in the past or how people shared content with specific keywords.

But that’s the problem… you aren’t presented with enough data, which means you are more likely to write content that doesn’t perform well.

See, social algorithms are much harder than they were in the past, which means you probably won’t get as many social shares as some of the other articles that have done well.

And SEO is also harder than what it was in the past, which means it won’t be as easy to get rankings.

By seeing content broken down by social share count, estimated visits (organic monthly Google traffic), and backlinks you will have the data you need to pick the right topic to write about. Because if you are picking topics that have a lot of all 3, the chances are that the topic is worth writing about and will do well.

Social shares will provide you that quick influx of traffic at the beginning. Backlinks will help you with referral traffic and over time help you boost your search engine rankings. And estimated visits shows you which keywords to focus on for that article.

And best of all, you’ll see over 100 content (topic) ideas so you’ll have a lot to choose from. I don’t know how long it will take to show you 100 ideas per keywords, but I do know I can do it well under 60 seconds. 🙂

Competitor analysis

I don’t know if you knew this but I already have half of what you can get from Buzzsumo built into Ubersuggest. This part is already live.

Did you know that you can enter a URL into Ubersuggest?

Then when you click on the “Top Pages” navigational button you can then see a list of all of the top articles and pages on your competitor’s site.

top pages

The results are broken down based on estimated visits a page receives from Google on a monthly basis, the backlink count, and the number of social shares each page has.

Just click “view all” underestimated visits and you will see all of the top keywords that drive traffic to that page.

top pages keywords

And under backlinks, if you click “view all” you can see all of the sites linking to that page.

top pages links


What do you think of this new content ideas report that I am trying to create?

In other words, something similar to Buzzsumo, but I will show you more results as well as show you who is linking to each of those articles and how many visits each article is generating from Google each month?

My goal is to make it easier to find ideas for your next blog post. And of course, increase the odds of you creating content that actually gets traffic and backlinks.

So, what do you think, should I release this free feature within the next 30 days?

And if you think I should do it, what other features would you want me to release?

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amazon hack

Photo Credit: Rod Foster

There’s a little growth hack that every ecommerce site should be using.

It’s the easiest hack… it doesn’t require money, you don’t need a following, and it works instantly.

But you know what? No one is using it.

Can you guess what it is?

Well, I’ll give you hint… just look at the image above.

It’s not related to SEO, paid ads, or anything else you are used to reading about here on the blog.

The beautiful part about it is no one is leveraging it, which means it works roughly 100% of the time. 🙂

A simple way to get more ecommerce sales

Alright, do you want to know what it is? Well, I’ll give you one more hint before spilling the beans.

If you watched a video like this on YouTube about the best makeup products, what do you think would happen?

There’s a good chance you’ll buy one of the products recommended. And if you don’t, someone else will.

The issue is, it only works if you generate enough video views.

And I have a lot of articles breaking down how to get more YouTube traffic like:

There is one big problem… there is no guarantee that your video will rank on YouTube or get enough views.

But what if I told you that there is a channel that is highly relevant to ecommerce and you can easily get 20,000 plus views per video?

Best of all, there is no competition and you can do it every single time, without even having a following!

How to get 29,090 video views on Amazon

You already know about YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram Live… and you may even know about LinkedIn Live.

But did you know about Amazon Live?

amazon live

Just like all of the other live platforms, it works similarly, but the whole purpose is to show off and promote your products so you can drive more brand awareness and sales.

live video

The video above is by Skincare by Alana. Alana presented tips in the video about how to reduce puffiness around your eyes and how to make them brighter.

Can you guess how many views that video received in the first week it aired?

Well, based on the headline above you are probably going to guess 29,090. That is correct. 😉

live views

And all Alana spent was $200 to boost the video.

It’s not just Alana who is seeing massive success… I know 2 other people that are getting similar results, but they won’t let me share their stats as they are white labeling other people’s products and don’t want more competition. 🙁

So how do you get thousands of views from Amazon Live?

Well, there is a simple process… let’s break down how you can do it step by step.

Now before we get into that, I need to be transparent: You are going to find it a bit awkward at first. But after you do it a few times, you’ll find that it is easy and fast.

Step #1: Download the Amazon Live app

You probably have an iPhone or an Andriod device. Log into your app store and download the Amazon Live app.

Although you can view Amazon Live on your desktop computer, you can’t post a video unless you do it from your phone.

amazon live app

When you install the app, make sure you allow Amazon to access everything on your phone. This will come in handy later when you try to upload your slate image. I will get into what a slate image is later on…

Step #2: Open the app

open app

Now open up the app. Once it’s opened it will look something like this other than the fact that you won’t have any videos.

amazon app

On the bottom left you will see a “Streams” navigational option and that will show you all of the videos you have aired.

On the bottom right you will see a “More” navigational option that shows you all the preferences and options you have.

And to get started, you would click the “+” button at the bottom.

Step #3: Getting started

When you click the “+” button at the bottom, you’ll see a screen that looks like this:

getting started

Amazon Live has a cool practice mode feature. I highly recommend you start off with a practice run or two.

Once you get the hang of it, create a real live video. But before you do you’ll want to add products that you want to promote. You can select one or multiple.


As for video source, your phone camera will be the easiest. There are other options as well such as an encoder and other things for video ninjas, but I would just use your phone camera (also known as phone cam) as it’s simple and works well.

You’ll also have to name your live stream. This is where you enter the title of the video.

This is very important because if your title sucks, you won’t get as many views. If you don’t know how to write amazing headlines, check out these posts:

Step #4: Boost your video

It doesn’t take much money to get thousands of views. Technically, you will get thousands of views without spending a dollar. But if you want to spend a few hundred dollars it will go a very long way.


Again, this tactic works without spending any money, but a few dollars can help you get a lot more traction.

Step #5: Schedule or post your video

You’ll have 2 options when it comes to posting your video. You can go live and post right away, or you can schedule your video to go out.


If you haven’t filmed your video during peak hours, I recommend that you schedule it. The last thing you want to do is publish a video in the middle of the night or too early in the morning.

Step #6: Add a slate image

A slate image is a cover image. This is what people see when browsing Amazon Live. Here’s an example of a slate image:

amazon hack

Photo Credit: Rod Foster

Remember how I said you’ll want to allow the app access to files on your phone? You’ll want to do that so you can upload a slate image.

Step #7: Show a banner

You need to show a banner. It will change the number of sales you generate.


You have 2 options when it comes to showing a banner. The first is to share a promotion with the views, and the second is to share a custom message.

When you select the “share a promotion” option, your promotion will be displayed as a banner at the bottom of your video. Customers can click on the banner to apply the promotion to their account.

And when you select the “share a custom message” option, your custom message will be displayed as a banner at the bottom of your video. People can hide the message at any point.

You can test both options, but I recommend that you at least “share a promotion” so it makes it easier for people to get a discount with just a click.

Step #8: Watch the sales roll in

Alana only generated one sale on her first video, but that’s because she didn’t push too hard. She already knows how to drastically improve that number and, in a bit, I will go over how to generate hundreds of sales through Amazon Live.

live stats

The other accounts I have access to have generated hundreds of sales through Live. One has generated 391 sales so far from 2 videos and the other has generated 328 sales from 3 videos. And I will share below why they were able to generate sales and why Alana wasn’t.

How to maximize your sales from Amazon Live

Here’s how to get more sales:

  • Buy equipment – if using your phone, get an awesome ring light and a vertical phone holder. It will NOT record horizontally. This will help improve the quality of your video.
  • Sell, sell, sell – Amazon wants this feature to sell, sell, and then sell some more. This is the big mistake Alana made and she knows it and will fix this during her next live video. If you don’t sell, don’t expect sales.
  • Offer a discount – Pick an awesome product, and a deep discount. If you don’t offer a discount you won’t generate over 100 dollars in sales from your live video. If you generate more sales, you’ll typically get more video views because when you sell Amazon makes more money. I know I have talked in the past about how giving discounts is a bad long-term strategy for your brand. I still stand by that. However, live videos are a much different way to sell in the short term and offering discounts will drive many sales and more awareness quickly. Because the offer is only accessible during the Live and nowhere else, this is one of the situations where not only do I think discounts are acceptable but necessary.
  • Be careful – if you are sending tons of traffic to a product and you don’t generate any sales, you will hurt your Amazon organic rankings. For that reason, you really have to sell. If you aren’t willing to sell hard, Amazon Live may not be for you. If you perform well, it can help with your organic rankings.
  • Create a sign – hold a sign at the beginning of the video that says “UNMUTE ME” or something like that. Amazon appears to track how many people actually listen to your video, and how long they listen. This should help you get more views and sales.
  • Hook viewers – making bold statements that are true or telling people what you are going to cover later in the video is a great way to keep people engaged longer. Poor engagement will lead to very little video views.
  • Build authority – although I told you to sell hard, you need to provide amazing information and tips at the same time. This will help you become an authority and it should boost your sales in the long run. Selling without providing value will make you look bad.

It really isn’t that complicated. As long as you follow the tips above, it shouldn’t be hard for you to generate dozens of sales from each Amazon Live video.


Just like every other video platform, the reach will eventually be limited, and it will be harder to get results. And sadly, there is nothing you can do about it.

For the time being, though, you need to jump on the Amazon Live bandwagon and create as many videos as you can. Once you get the process down right and you are seeing sales, I would create 1 video each and every day.

I can’t create videos on Amazon Live as I don’t sell ecommerce products myself, but you can. That’s a requirement that I can’t get around.

So, what do you think about Amazon Live? If you aren’t jumping to create a video after reading this, you are missing out.

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Do you know what the number one email request I get is?

Come on, take a guess. What do you think it is?

Ok, its people asking me for money.

But, do you know what the second most common email request I get is?

Companies asking me to rank them number 1 on Google for a specific term.

And I have to say, it’s a big waste of time for you to focus all of your energy on ranking number 1 on Google for a specific term or even a handful of terms.

Just take a look at my site… here’s my Google traffic over the last 31 days:

search traffic

As you can see from the graph, I’m generating 2,375,455 organic visits from search engines each month.

And can you guess how many keywords I’m tracking when it comes to my rankings?

A big fat ZERO!

I’m not saying I don’t do SEO, I’m saying I don’t focus on rankings.

Can you increase your search traffic without tracking rankings?

The short answer is yes.

As you saw from the graph above, I’m getting over 2 million visits from organic search each month. If you look back a year, I was getting 970,459 visitors a month from search.

2018 search traffic

In other words, I was able to grow my organic search traffic by 144% in roughly 12 months. That’s not too shabby considering I don’t focus on any one particular keyword.

So why don’t I focus on specific keywords or track my rankings?

Number 1 doesn’t guarantee the most clicks

Ahrefs recently did a study where they showed how being number 1 doesn’t guarantee the greatest number of clicks.

ahrefs number 1

The number 1 listing gets the majority of the traffic only 49% of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I would rather be number 1 than number 2, but getting there doesn’t guarantee the most amount of traffic.

And over time it’s just going to get worse.

Just look at how SERP listing pages looked in 2014.

serp 2014

Now let’s look at how SERP listings look today.

2019 serp listing

What are the big differences that you see?

  1. Paid listings blend in – paid listings aren’t as clearly defined as they used to be. In other words, they blend in, which helps ads generate a higher percentage of the clicks.
  2. Localized listings can be ads – the first listing in the localized listing is also paid.
  3. The right side no longer has ads – most of the elements on the right side, when you click on them, drive you to perform another Google search.
  4. Less organic listings – the homepage only has 9 organic listings if you exclude the localized listings.
  5. Organic results are pushed down – not only do the paid and local listings show first, but news results are also in-between the organic results. This causes the 3rd, 4th, 5th… organic result to get fewer clicks.

The common trend is people are focusing on the paid ads more than the organic listings. And organic listings are no longer guaranteed to be as high up as they once were.

Just look at this eye tracking study of a Google SERPs result.

eye tracking

It clearly shows how the paid ads have the majority of the attention.

So, does this mean you should give up?

No, I am not trying to paint a picture of how you shouldn’t try to rank high on Google or that SEO is useless. Because although Google keeps adjusting the layout of their SERPs page, it’s still the most popular site in the world.

google similarweb

Commanding 57.34 billion visits a month means… you have no choice but to do SEO!

But you shouldn’t waste your time thinking about each and every change Google is making because it’s out of your control.

Just look at how many algorithm changes they made in the last 12 months. It’s too hard to keep up with each change or predict Google’s next move. That’s why I take a different approach to get ahead of Google’s upcoming algorithm changes.

I focus on user experience.

What should you do?

You aren’t going to be able to control your rankings for every single one of your keywords… especially if you are doing SEO the right way.

The majority of your traffic should be coming from long tail phrases. Just look at my blog, I rank for 477,000 keywords.

That’s far too many keywords to track on a regular basis.

I focus on 3 things:

  1. Create an amazing user experience – Google doesn’t want to rank sites at the top that are the “best optimized.” They want to rank the site that users love the most at the top. So, focus on providing that and, in the long run, you should rank higher.
  2. Overall organic traffic growth – keywords have trends and they change in popularity over time. Instead of focusing on a handful of keywords or even a few hundred, I just focus on increasing my overall organic traffic. As long as it keeps climbing quarter over quarter, I’m happy.
  3. Conversion rate – more traffic doesn’t guarantee more sales. I continually optimize my conversion rates so that each additional organic visitor I get has a higher chance to convert into a customer.

And I know I said I focus on 3 things, which is true… but every once in a while I focus on one more thing. It’s updating my old content.

If I had to add in a 4th, it would be updating my old content. Even though I know SEO fairly well, there is no guarantee the even my traffic keeps going up and to the right.

Just like you, my traffic drops every once in a while.

641 decline

It sucks when your traffic just drops 6.94% in a week and it is scary when that trend continues. But when it does happen, follow this and you can reverse the trend of your declining traffic.

Which strategy should you follow?

There are a few SEO strategies I use to get more traffic that still work well today. If you follow them, you should get more traffic over time:

  1. Globalization – search isn’t too competitive outside of English. That is changing fast though, so I would follow these globalization tips as soon as possible.
  2. Off-page SEO – it still impacts rankings significantly and you can’t ignore it. Here are 6 off-page strategies you should follow.
  3. Link building – here’s one of my favorite strategies for link buildingit works really well. Even if you have a new site and no one knows who you are, you will be able to build links using it.
  4. Land and expand – you already rank for terms on Google. This strategy will allow you to turn one ranking into hundreds.
  5. Brand building – Google wants to rank brands higher than non-brands. Follow this as it will help you build a brand.

There are tons of other tactics and strategies that people are using, but the 5 main ones I mentioned above still work well in today’s competitive search landscape.


Yes, you want to continually improve your search traffic over time, but obsessing over whether or not a keyword is ranking number 1 doesn’t mean much.

SEO has moved to a long-tail strategy. The goal isn’t to rank for one keyword, or even a hundred or a thousand… the goal is to rank for hundreds of thousands if not millions of keywords over time.

And as long as that trend is continually going up and to the right, you’re fine.

One way to see if things are going directionally right is to use Ubersuggest. When you put in your domain, you’ll see a chart that looks something like this:

keyword rankings

You want the total number of keywords to increase over time and you want the small green bar to continually go up over time as that means a higher portion of your listings are moving up in Google.

So, are you going to continue focusing on rankings?

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social shares

You already know it’s harder to get traffic from the social web unless you spend money on ads.

There’s nothing new with that fact… just look at the graph above: It breaks down how the average number of social shares per blog post has been dying year over year.

But the reality is you can’t ignore platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube or any other new contender that comes out and gains traction.

These social sites command so much traffic, that we have no choice but to be on them.

Just look at the Similar Web numbers for Facebookthey get an estimated 19.2 billion visits a month.

That’s ridiculous! And it’s not just Facebook either… according to Similar Web, all of the big platforms get tons of traffic:

  • LinkedIn – 917 million visitors a month
  • Twitter – 3.62 billion visitors a month
  • YouTube – 22.77 billion visitors a month
  • Pinterest – 722 million visitors a month
  • Instagram – 2.86 billion visitors a month

In other words, whether you like their algorithm tweaks or not, you have no choice but to be on these platforms as they attract so many eyeballs.

So, what should you do with your organic social reach? How should you combat their algorithms so you can generate a positive ROI as their ad prices keep going up?

Well, I surveyed 183 companies that generate at least 5 million dollars in revenue a year all the way up to $1.7 billion to show you where social media is headed and what you should do to succeed in the landscape.

Let’s dive into the data…

Expect less traffic from the social web, even if you pay for it

Look at the graph below. What do you see?

social shares per post

Since 2015, the amount of shares a blog post receives from the social web has been declining. One of the large reasons for social sites to clamp down on organic reach is that that makes it so you need to spend money to get the reach that you were once used to and relied upon to generate traffic.

Now let’s look at the percentage of digital ad spend going towards social media sites.

ad spend

Over time it has increased, and you’ll notice that things really started to ramp up in 2016.

An interesting fact is that in the United States during mid-2017, Facebook had more advertisers than inventory. In other words, the demand was higher than the supply which caused CPM and CPC rates to increase.

But similar to the game of cat and mouse SEOs play with Google, marketers also play that game with social networks. In recent years, marketers have figured out how to reverse the trend of their dying organic reach.

organic social traffic

2017 was a low point, but since then marketers have figured out a way to boost organic social traffic.

It won’t last forever… but can you guess how?

Don’t expect your employees to help

Well, it’s not by asking your employees to share your content.

employees content share

Roughly 74% of the companies we surveyed asked their employees to share their content. Might as well get those extra likes and comments, right?

I know I used to do it.

employees don't share

But then I stopped because the majority of my employees didn’t want to share the content. And it’s not just my companies, other companies experienced the same thing.

In other words, the first few times you ask your team members to share, they’ll do it. After a while, they’ll ignore you.

So how are marketers boosting their organic reach?

You have to use chatbots

Here’s how much time companies are spending on each form of social media content.

time spent on content

As you can see, everyone loves posting images and text-based updates because they are easy to post.

But they don’t produce the best engagement. It’s actually live video and other forms of video.


Social platforms are trying to compete with television networks and they are even competing with platforms like Netflix.

So, if you want the most engagement you have to feed into their goals. If you start producing live video or even recorded video, you’ll find that you can boost your engagement. What this will do is get more of your followers engaged so when you post other forms of content they’ll be a higher probability that the content will be seen.

The other reason videos work so well is because they keep people on these social platforms versus driving people back to your site.

But of course, you want your followers to go back to your site… and you can do that through chatbots.

biggest social gains

As you can see, 41% of the companies reported that chatbots (also knowns as messenger bots for social sites) provided their biggest traffic gains.

In other words, if you want to drive people from social sites like Facebook, you’ll have to start using messenger bots like Mobile Monkey.

The chances are you aren’t using messenger bots yet, but they are super effective. Just follow this guide and it will walk you through setting them up.

Now, not every social network has messenger bots, but over time you’ll see this change.

You’ll have to start expanding globally

I’ve been blogging a lot about global expansion from an SEO perspective, but the same goes from a social media perspective as well.

social traffic english

The chart above clearly shows how people are now getting traffic from regions where English wasn’t the native language.

And as companies noticed that trend, they also started posting their social content in multiple languages.

language post in

You’ll see a trend of this continuing over the next few years in which companies will be leveraging globalization as social marketing campaigns in non-English speaking countries in most cases is more profitable.

If you want the most out of your organic social traffic and paid ads you should consider posting content in multiple languages.

Some social networks like Facebook give great targeting options where you can pick which regions you want to show your content in.


For other platforms like Twitter and Instagram, this doesn’t exist yet.

When you also look at it from an advertising perspective, ads are expensive in regions like the United States, Japan, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany… but they aren’t as costly in most parts of Latin America and Asia.

Now let’s look at social media from a sales perspective.

Here’s how to maximize your social media revenue

Similar to content marketing, don’t expect social media visitors to convert right when they land on your site.

On average, a social media visitor will convert after 3 visits.

visit before customer

That means you are going to have to focus on getting people to continue to come back to your site if you want more sales.

In other words, you’ll have to play the long game.

The simplest way to do this is to remarket your social visitors. But there are other solutions as well that you aren’t currently using.

convert social customers

You can use a combination of the methods above. You’ll find that one won’t be enough and you’ll have to combine a handful of methods, including SMS.

You’re probably not using SMS marketing yet, but did you know that when I send SMS messages my response rates are 68%?!

That’s crazy high!

I’m not talking about opens, I am talking about responses!

For email, you can use tools like Hello Bar and for push notifications, you can use tools like Subscribers.

But there are multiple ways to boost your sales from social media, including focusing on specific content types.

Did you know that if you leverage chatbots (messenger bots) and post video-based content you’ll generate more sales on average than if you just posted status updates?

organic sales

I know that sounds counterintuitive as it is easier to drive people to your site using status updates than to create a video, but you have to consider that social algorithms favor video.

You can also optimize your sales by picking specific social networks

Sales is a complicated formula. There’s more to growing your revenue than just focusing on specific types of content social media sites love and optimizing your landing pages.

To get a full picture, you also have to look at the first touch and last touch sales.

First touch sales are the traffic source that people first found you from. They don’t necessarily convert right then and there, but it’s the way they first found you.

first touch sales

It’s no shocker, but Facebook is the leader when it comes to first touch sales.

Now let’s look at last touch sales, which is where a visitor comes from right before they convert. Remember, someone may have found your site from Facebook, but they may not convert right away.

last touch

Sure, Facebook is still the winner, but YouTube is a close second and, shockingly, WhatsApp is in 3rd place.

It makes sense as texting has an extremely high open and click rate. I know you aren’t using WhatsApp for your business yet because that’s what the data shows, but you should check out their business API.

social platform


Over the upcoming years, you can assume social algorithms are going to get tougher from both an organic and paid perspective.

Social media companies are facing heavy governmental pressure due to fake news, privacy concerns, and issues related to political campaigns.

But that doesn’t mean you can ignore the social web or stop using it. It’s not dying and it is here to stay.

customers find you

The data shows social media is on the rise. Sure, these sites aren’t growing at a rapid pace anymore but that’s due to the majority of the world already being on one of these platforms if not a few of them.

They are effective because people trust what they see on these sites and that should continually increase as they fix issues like fake news.

As long as you follow the tips above, you’ll be able to maximize your social media traffic and revenue even when the algorithms change in ways that don’t favor you.

So how are you maximizing your social media traffic?

PS: If you want to know where content marketing is heading, check this out.

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I started content marketing in the early days. So early that when I first met the WordPress founder, he had just raised $1.1 million for WordPress.

Fast forward to today and WordPress is worth over a billion dollars.

Similarly, when I first started with content marketing, there were less than 30 million blogs that existed and now there are over a billion.

In other words, things have changed drastically and now it’s what more competitive.

We are at a point where you already know you need to leverage content marketing. But what areas of content marketing should you focus on?

How many blog posts do you need to write? What are the best ways to monetize your traffic?

How can you ensure that what you are doing will work in the future?

To shed some light on where content marketing is headed, I’ve gathered data from 183 companies who are all leveraging content marketing. Each company makes at least 5 million dollars in revenue a year and generates less than $1.9 billion a year.

These companies are in all different sectors, from B2B to B2C, and are part of all the major industries out there. Most importantly, they have been leveraging content marketing for at least 8 years.

Now, I know many of you don’t have a company that generates at least 5 million dollars a year, but the stats and data I will show you are still relevant to your blog.

So, let’s dive into the stats to see where content marketing is headed.

Expect less traffic from social sites

What do you think has happened to social shares over time?

social shares

As you probably guessed, social shares have gone down because the algorithms (like on Facebook) really limit organic reach.

In the early days, people saw big lifts in their social share count due to the fact that these social sites were still growing in popularity. But once their growth slowed down, so did the number of times the shares each piece of content generated.

If you are wondering why just think of it this way… when people share content on social sites it drives users off of the platform. By keeping people on Facebook longer (or any other social platform), they make more money as people click on ads.

If you are expecting to grow your blog through the social web, think again. It’s slowly driving less and less traffic each year and you should expect it to get worse.

You need to take an omnichannel approach, but focus on search

Can you guess what’s the most popular traffic channel for a blog?

traffic by channel

SEO made up 51% of the blog’s traffic and to no surprise, social media was the 5th most popular channel.

But what was surprising is that referral traffic was in 3rd place at 11% and email was at 9%.

Instead of just focusing on link building to boost your rankings, you should focus on link building to also increase your referral traffic. In essence, you can get more bang for your buck by increasing two different ways to drive traffic with one strategy.

Whether it is guest posting or generating PR, you should try and get as much referral traffic as possible as it creates steady traffic that isn’t too affected by algorithm updates.

As for email, you may think it’s dead, but it’s alive and kicking strong. Remember, everyone who works in the corporate world still uses email.

Don’t be shy about collecting emails. You can use tools like Hello Bar to do this with ease.

Now going back to SEO for a moment… here’s why you have to blog.

organic traffic

As you can see from the graph above, Google has continually shifted from ranking web pages to pushing up content over time. And it doesn’t look like that the trend is stopping anytime soon.

Blogs are generating, on average, 60 to 62 percent of a site’s search traffic. Sure, it’s going to be different for the Amazon’s of the world, but you aren’t them… and neither am I.

SEO is also getting more competitive because there are more blogs popping up and people are creating tons of content. But you have no choice but to do the same if you want to keep up.

You need to build a content marketing team…

Well, just look at it this way…


On average, mid-sized companies now have at least 2 full-time employees managing their blog. It’s because they know content marketing isn’t going anywhere without putting in real effort and you need to take it seriously if you want to grow fast.

And on top of having dedicated employees, the average mid-sized company has a bit more than 10 contractors working on their blog.


Now, I don’t want you to get scared by that number as a lot of those contractors are writing content. They are not working full time… it’s as simple as some of them writing only a handful of content pieces a month.

Or it could be as simple as them helping you produce video content or create infographics.

With your blog, you should consider hiring more contractors as writers instead of hiring full-time employees as it is cheaper.

It’s also more efficient to have contractors as you can scale up and down faster. On top of that, you’ll find that you will save money in the long run as contractors and consultant tends to be cheaper than full-time employees.

You need to write on average 5.7 articles a week

Out of the 183 blogs we talked to, they publish 22.8 pieces of content per month on average.

posts published

And can you guess how long each of them is?

post length

Well, they say that if you want to rank on page 1, you need to write content that is 1,890 words.

Most of the blogs we analyzed and talked to all followed one common theme… as time went on, they started writing longer posts.

They are now averaging 2,118 words per post. In 2016 that number peaked out at 2,381 words because people started producing in-depth guides, which caused that number to spike.

But what they found over time is that writing content that is too in-depth, such as guides, doesn’t necessarily guarantee higher rankings.

To give you an idea, years ago I wrote a 30,000-word guide on SEO. Can you guess what page it ranks on for the term SEO?

It ranks on page 2.

Now, this guide to SEO is much shorter and ranks on page 1.


In other words, it is better for you to create more content than it is to create one super long blog post.

Think of your content as fishing hooks. If you have more fishing hooks out, there is a greater chance of catching a fish.

The same goes with blogging, the more content you create (assuming it is high quality), the higher the chance you’ll have of attracting more visitors.

customers blogging

Think of your blog as a funnel.

At the top of the funnel, you want to attract as many people as possible. The more people you attract, the more revenue you’ll eventually end up generating.

As you can see from the graph above, 24% of customers first found out about the company through their blog.

Now, that doesn’t mean they converted into a customer right when they landed on the blog for the first time. More so, they learned about the company first through their blog.

Not only do search engines love blogs, so do people. And the trend is continually rising over time.

Blog readers will boost your conversion rate

When someone reads your blog, it builds trust and causes your conversion rate to increase.

conversion rate

The graph above shows how someone who reads your blog is 74% more likely to convert into a customer compared to someone who hasn’t read your blog.

Advertising is only getting more expensive each year. By blogging more frequently, you can boost your conversion rates.

But don’t expect people to convert right away when they read your blog.

number of visits

The average number of times someone needs to come back to your blog before they convert is 3.15 times and they tend to convert over a 2-week period of time.


Now, you’ll also find that as you create content people don’t just open up their wallets and give you their money. You need to push them to convert.

The trend we saw is that blogs are leveraging more methods than ever to convert visitors into customers.

convert blog

Email marketing is the main method bloggers are using, which isn’t a surprise. But the number 2 method is remarketing.

When I dug into it, these companies on average spend $51,409 a month on paid ads. And each year they saw their ad costs drastically increase. But what’s helped reduce their blended CPA is remarketing all of their blog readers.

In the coming years, remarketing will overtake email as the main way companies are converting readers into customers.

You’ll want to leverage this channel as well as it is much more affordable than search ads.

Growth opportunities are outside the United States

What countries do you think most blog readers are coming from? You probably are going to guess the United States or other native English speaking countries.

It used to be that way 10 years ago, but things have changed.


At one point it was 91% but now it has dropped down to 53%. This has also created a trend in which companies are now translating their content to different languages.


It’s taken a while for companies to adopt the concept of globalization with their digital marketing but now it’s catching on fast.

I was able to ride the trend before most people because I got pushed to do so by a Google employee. It was the best marketing advice and it seems to be true for pretty much every blogger out there.

traffic gains

As you can see from the chart above, the biggest traffic gains content marketers are currently getting are from translating their content into multiple languages.

The second biggest gain is coming from updating old content. Content marketing is no longer a game of cranking out hundreds of articles a month. If you want to continually do well, you have to maintain and keep your old content up to date.

When you are building out your content marketing team, focus 50% of their effort on updating old content.

Move over WordPress

The last biggest trend is WordPress isn’t the only content player these days. If you are going to write a blog post, might as well get the most traffic by placing it everywhere.


Medium and Tumblr are also great for content. Remember, Google doesn’t penalize for duplicate content. There is nothing wrong with putting content on your blog and then publishing it on Medium and Tumblr a week later.

You can do the same with the social shares… in addition to sharing your content on Facebook, you can publish your whole post a week later on Facebook.

And if you are creating video and audio content you can upload them to Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and any other platform that will accept it.

content types

You’ll see huge growth in video and audio content over the next few years.

Facebook, YouTube, and every major platform want their slice of the television market.

Because of that, their algorithms are acting more favorable to content types that keep people on their platform and engaged for hours… hence, you need to expand outside of just text-based content.

It’s also why I’m big on YouTube right now. It diversifies your traffic sources in case you get hit by a Google algorithm change.


If you are going to take one thing from the charts above, you need to focus on translating your content to other languages as it isn’t as competitive.

In addition to that, you need to focus on creating video and audio-based content. Videos have already starting to take off, podcasting isn’t there yet, but it will within the next few years.

I would also tell you to blog, but you probably already have one. 😉

What other content marketing trends have you noticed?

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Do you want more traffic?

Well, who doesn’t?

The reason you want more traffic is that you think more traffic equals more revenue.

But here is what you’ll learn the hard way… as your traffic goes up, your revenue won’t increase at the same pace.

And in many cases, as your traffic goes up, your revenue won’t increase one bit.

In other words, if you get the wrong kind of traffic, you’ll find yourself spinning your wheels and becoming frustrated.

It happens to all of us.

So let me show you what I’ve learned the hard way.

So how good is my search traffic?

Take a look at the screenshot below.

neil patel keywords

That’s a laundry list of keywords that drive me the most traffic. But there is an issue with a lot of those keywords. They drive traffic but not revenue.

Keywords like affiliate marketing, SEO analyzer, SEO checker, and statistical significance calculator are all terms that won’t drive me any revenue.

I don’t offer affiliate marketing services and anyone searching for terms like “SEO analyzer” are looking to do SEO themselves as opposed to paying my agency to do it for them.

Even terms like “statistical significance calculator” don’t drive revenue. Anyone searching for that is looking to see how their A/B tests are performing versus hiring my agency to run tests for them.

If I naturally ranked for these terms without any effort, that’s one thing. But I created dedicated landing pages, like this one, because I was trying to rank for them.

In other words, I spent time and money ranking for keywords that don’t drive any revenue.

Now, there is a reason why I rank for these terms and I do want this traffic, even though they don’t drive revenue, but I will get to that later in this post.

First, let’s go over how you can pick the right keywords to rank number 1 for.

How to pick the right keywords

You probably already have some ideas that are a good fit for your business. I want you to type them into Ubersuggest.

online marketing

Ubersuggest will show how many people search for that keyword within a particular region as well as the SEO difficulty and paid difficulty.

In addition to that, you’ll see a laundry list of keyword ideas if you click on the “keyword ideas” navigational option.

keyword ideas

What you’ll want to look for are keywords that have high paid difficulty, which means the keyword is so valuable that a lot of people are competing for the paid ad spots.

In addition to looking at the paid difficulty number, you’ll want to find keywords that have a low SEO difficulty score.

When a keyword meets those 2 requirements it means it is easy to rank and people find it valuable enough to buy ads on the keyword. And if they find it valuable enough for people to buy ads, that means the traffic is converting into customers.

That’s more important than just finding popular keywords because traffic doesn’t always equal sales.

And when you are doing keyword research, make sure you pick the right regions.

Not all traffic is equal

Again, you already know I get good traffic. But as I mentioned earlier, not all of the traffic is equal.

Just look at the regions that made up my traffic in the last 7 days:


The United States makes up a large portion of my traffic. Over time I’ve expanded globally, hence you are seeing my traffic increase in regions like India and Brazil. Even Japan, which is the newest region I have been expanding to, has been growing rapidly.

Knowing the split between regions, which one would you say makes up the largest portion of revenue?

If you guess the United States, you are correct. But what region do you think is in second place?

If you guess India or Brazil, you are wrong.

I love those two countries, but the United Kingdom generates more revenue than both of those regions combined, even though it produces just 25.6% of the traffic as Brazil and India combined.

Are you picking the right regions?

When you are doing keyword research, you need to think about regions. This is also the main reason why I integrated regions within Ubersuggest.

You can’t just focus on keywords that have high paid difficulty and low SEO difficulty. You need to focus on the countries where the majority of your customer base is.

Now, you know SEO is competitive and it takes a while to rank. So if you can go after up and coming regions that you know you’ll want to target in a few years, then you should go after those keywords right away.

It takes a while for people to see this, but the reason I have done pretty well when it comes to picking the right terms is that I focus on regions that aren’t ready for my company just yet but will be over the next 5 to 10 years.

I know that sounds crazy, but to do well you need long-term goals and a strategic outlook for your business.

To give you an idea of how I think, let’s look at how the worlds GDP is going to change over the next 10 years:

That video bases GDP growth off of historical data. Companies like Standard Chartered believe there will be much more aggressive GDP growth, especially coming out of Asia.

  1. China: $64.2 trillion
  2. India: $46.3 trillion
  3. US: $31 trillion
  4. Indonesia: $10.1 trillion
  5. Turkey: $9.1 trillion
  6. Brazil: $8.6 trillion
  7. Egypt: $8.2 trillion
  8. Russia: $7.9 trillion
  9. Japan: $7.2 trillion
  10. Germany: $6.9 trillion

No matter what source you look at, almost everyone is coming to the same conclusion… countries with big populations will see faster GDP growth.

If I were you and I was trying to pick the best keywords to rank number 1 on Google, I wouldn’t just focus on countries that are already established and saturated, I would also focus on countries that are growing fast and aren’t competitive yet.

Even in the short run, although some of these countries may not have as much demand, there is no competition, which means it will be easier to take up a larger chunk of the market.

How do you find popular keywords in these countries?

Doing keyword research in new countries isn’t as simple as typing in random keywords and seeing what’s popular.

You can do that with tools like Ubersuggest, but that may still cause you to pick the wrong ones.

For example, in the United States, the keyword “SEO” is more lucrative than the phrase “digital marketing.” But in Brazil, the phrase “marketing digital” (their version of digital marketing) is more lucrative than the term SEO.

In other words, cultures are different.

So, what you should do is use a tool like Similar Web to see who your closest competitors are. When I look at on Similar Web, it gives me the following results:

similar web

You can then take those competing URLs and enter them into Ubersuggest.


What I want you to do is first look at the “top pages” report. This report shows you the most popular pages that are driving traffic to any given site.

The best part about this report is that you can break down popular pages by country.

top pages

From there you can see the popular pages and even the keywords that drive traffic to that page within that country.

ahrefs top pages

And similar to the top pages report, you can do the same thing with the keywords report.

ahrefs keywords

With the combination of the top pages and keywords report, you should have a list of great keywords to go after. Not just from a domestic standpoint, but from a global standpoint as you can see the popular keywords for each country in Ubersuggest.

But how do I rank number 1?

Once you have a list of keywords, it’s time to create content and focus on ranking at the top of Google. But you already know that. 😉

The real question is, how do you rank high?

Well, I have tons of blog posts on that. Here are a few of my favorites that will help you out:

  • How to dominate Google – there are over 200 factors in Google’s algorithm. One too many for you to follow. In this post, you’ll find a 4-step process that will help you climb to the top. It’s made SEO more feasible as there is no way you are going to focus on all 200 of Google’s algorithm factors.
  • How to build links when no one will link to you – link building is still a huge part of Google’s algorithm. This post breaks down how to do link building when nobody knows you and you don’t have money to spend on link building.
  • The future of SEO – if you want to rank high and maintain your rankings, you need to know the future of search and how algorithms are going to change.
  • How I think about SEO – this post breaks down my personal SEO strategy for If you copy it, you will do well. Look at the brand hack I mention in that post, it helps a lot with rankings.
  • The advanced SEO formula that helped me rank for 477,000 keywords – this is how I rank for thousands of keywords on Google.

Once you start ranking for the terms you want to go after, you need to do one last thing.

The last step

Remember how I said earlier in this post that I rank for terms like “SEO analyzer” that don’t drive me any sales?

And how I want to rank for those terms?

Once you rank for the main terms and even the long tail ones that will drive you direct revenue, you need to start winning mindshare.

The way you create a successful SEO campaign is to capture an audience before they are even ready to become your customer. This way your brand will grow with all segments of your potential customer base.

Just think of it this way, when people Google the term “SEO analyzer” and land on my site, the majority of those people will want to do SEO on their own.

But a small portion of those people may get frustrated and realize that they should just hire someone to do it for them.

And then there is another group that will search for that term, want to do SEO for their own site, and they’ll even get great results over time. Then when their friends asked them how they did it, they’ll mention how they used a free tool on

Their friend will probably check out my site and maybe even contact me for services as they don’t care to do their own SEO.

In other words, when you are doing keyword research, you’ll want to focus on ranking for all the terms in your industry if you want to build the biggest brand and dominate.

The mistake I made is I went after those terms too soon. It worked out in the end, but I should have first focused on keywords that drove direct sales and then went after the keywords that would grow my brand.


SEO isn’t free! It takes time and money.

You have to look at it as an investment just like you would with paid ads.

So, if you are going to rank for keywords and do SEO, go after the correct terms. Spend a little bit of time doing keyword research and competitive analysis because you don’t waste a year climbing to the top of Google only to find that the term you went after doesn’t drive any sales.

And if you happen to be lucky enough to have extra money to invest in SEO, consider expanding internationally. It’s the best move I made, and I am dumping in as much money as I can to dominate the globe.

Businesses no longer have to live within one city, region, state, or even country. You have to think global if you want to win in the long run.

So, what do you think about my keyword research process?

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How to Think About SEO


Don’t you dislike exactly how it takes permanently to obtain outcomes when it pertains to SEO?

Everyone states it takes 6 months to a year and also also sometimes several years to see outcomes.

Well, I have some trouble and also some great information for you.

Let’s begin with the trouble …

SEO is a lasting method. It’s not concerning doing it for a couple of months and also forgeting it. As well as if you quit concentrating on it ultimately your rivals will certainly outrank you.

And currently allow’s jump on to the bright side.

You can obtain cause the brief run. You might not obtain every one of the outcomes you desire immediately, and also you might not place for your excellent key words, however that does not imply you can not obtain outcomes within 90, 60, and also also possibly 30 days.

So exactly how do you obtain outcomes within a couple of months?

Well initially, allow’s re-wire your mind so you think of SEO in the appropriate method.

SEO isn’t simply material and also web links

If you wish to place number 1 on Google, what do you require?

Well, the information reveals you require to compose extensive web content. Since the average web page that ranks on page 1 of Google contains 1,890 words.

word count

And obviously, what’s web content without web links? Since the 2 essential variables that impact positions according to the SEO market are domain level links and page level links

moz links

But right here is the important things: SEO isn’t what it utilized to be. Till 2010, you utilized to be able to include key words in your meta tags and also you would certainly obtain positions within a couple of months.

And as the internet obtained a lot more crowded, you can after that obtain outcomes by doing the exact same old point however you additionally needed to develop a couple of web links. That functioned actually well in between 2010 and also 2013.

As even more companies appeared, everybody began concentrating on web content advertising and marketing. That was the warm point. From 2013 to 2017, if you produced lots of text-based web content, obtained a couple of social shares, and also grabbed a couple of all-natural back links you can control Google.

But currently, there are over a billion blogs if you consist of, Medium, and also Tumblr.

That indicates Google has their option when it pertains to establishing what websites to place on top.

In various other words, even if you compose extensive web content or develop back links it does not imply you are mosting likely to rankings. Millions of various other websites do that too.

And also if you entered very early and also your website is 10 years of ages, it’s no more that simple to control the internet.

Just take a look at websites like Wisegeek. They utilized to control the internet as it’s a website with countless interesting posts.

And now look at their traffic


According to Ubersuggest, they obtain about 49,211 site visitors a month from Google within the United States. It might look like a great deal, however their website traffic is consistently dropping.

When I satisfied the owner years ago it remained in the millions … however not any longer

It does not also matter that the website has 8,761,524 back links from 74,147 referring domain names.

wisegeek links

Now you might make the debate that Wisegeek does not have the most effective web content. However I have lots of instances of websites with incredible web content that have the exact same concerns.

For instance, Derek Halpern from Social Triggers develops terrific web content. Simply go have a look at a few of his article if you do not think me.

But let’s dive into his traffic stats

social triggers

According to Ubersuggest, he obtains about 26,640 site visitors a month from Google in the United States and also he has 993,790 back links from 5,678 referring domain names.

And he rates for some terrific terms. Just look at the top pages he is placing for with terms like “exactly how to come to be a lot more positive.”

social triggers top pages

But also Social Triggers has actually had a hard time to maintain their website traffic with time. It’s absolutely nothing to do with Derek, he’s a clever business owner, however he decided to quit and also concentrate on his brand-new endeavor Truvani, which has actually been succeeding.

In various other words, web content and also web links do not assure success.

So, what’s the most effective method to obtain positions nowadays?

You need to go after reduced hanging fruit.

Sure, you require web content, you require web links, and also you need to optimize for the other 198 factors Google keeps track of the optimum quantity of website traffic.

But it’s UNREALISTIC for you to do every little thing. Even if you work with an SEO agency to help you out.

And there is no chance you can wait 12 months to obtain arise from an SEO project.

Which indicates your only remedy is pursuing the reduced dangling fruit.

Now I want I can inform you the precise reduced dangling fruit to pursue, however it differs for each website. What I can do is reveal a few of the straightforward techniques that have actually benefited me and also are simple to execute.

Strategy # 1: Don’t place days in your URL

I utilized to have days in my URL since it was a default alternative from WordPress. I really did not hesitate about it. However the minute I eliminated the days from my articles, my search traffic went up by 58%

Best of all, it just took 30 days to obtain the increase in website traffic.

Strategy # 2: Link to one of the most prominent articles in your sidebar

Have you observed that I place for terms like “internet marketing” and also “SEO”?

I’m presently number 2 for the term internet marketing:

online marketing rankings

And number 5 for the term SEO:

seo rankings

Do you wish to know a hack that assisted me place greater for those terms? Well, I’ll offer you a tip … you’ll locate it in my sidebar.

sidebar links

As you can see, I’ve connected to every one of my significant overviews in my sidebar. It assists provide the juice they require so they can place greater for terms like SEO and also internet marketing.

If you have not done this, you need to think about attempting it out as it will certainly give a fast win.

You will not see the cause 30 days, however within a couple of months, you’ll observe that those web pages will certainly climb up in the rankings.

Strategy # 3: Land and also increase

I’ve talked about this one a lot in the past, however just since it functions actually, actually, actually, well.

It’s additionally among the primary factors I’ve made Ubersuggest right into a durable SEO device. Not simply for you, however additionally since I utilize it for the land and also increase method to expand my search website traffic.

It’s exactly how I obtain 2,105,896 site visitors a month from simply Google …

search traffic

So, what’s this land and also increase SEO method I make use of?

You require to initial log right into Google Search Console.

Once you are visited, click the “efficiency” web link and also you’ll see a listing of key words you are presently placing for.

search console

Then click one of the most prominent term you place for. Make certain that key phrase isn’t your trademark name.

Then click “web pages.” You’ll see the web page that is placing for that key phrase.

search console pages

I desire you to after that head over to Ubersuggest and also enter that key phrase. As soon as the record lots click “keyword suggestions” in the sidebar. You’ll see a record that looks something such as this:

ubersuggest keywords

You’ll see a lengthy listing of key words that are variants of the primary key phrase that you currently place for. The majority of those terms are drawn from Google Suggest.

If you take the prominent expressions that relate to the primary term you currently place for and also incorporate them right into that web page, you’ll observe within 30 to 60 days your search website traffic will certainly skyrocket.

But when leveraging this method you require to make certain you readjust your web content. You can not simply insert even more key words, you need to revamp your web content so it makes good sense and also it streams normally.

The factor this SEO method is my favored strategy of perpetuity is that web content advertising and marketing is a hit-or-miss. Even if you compose web content and also develop web links, it does not assure success. However if you increase the web pages that Google currently enjoys, there is a high possibility that you’ll obtain even more website traffic.

Strategy # 4: Expand worldwide

In much of my firms, I create even more income from beyond the United States than I do within the United States.

For that factor, plus it was a piece of advice I got from a Google employee, I’ve converted my website right into several languages.

Just take a look at my website traffic from Brazil …


And right here is my website traffic from Germany …


And the Spanish market …


What I picked up from a Google worker is that they do not have web content in areas where English isn’t their key language. So if you concentrate on these areas, you’ll promptly observe a fast website traffic increase and also your conversion price from site visitor to consumer within those areas need to additionally rise.

Strategy # 5: 5-minute brand name hack

Google enjoys brand names. It actually is the future of SEO. In enhancement, brand names are a lot more defensible.

As the EX-CEO of Google stated:

Brands are the remedy, not the issue. Brand names are exactly how you figure out the cesspool.

To put it simply, if even more individuals look for your trademark name on Google, you’ll observe that your positions will certainly rise.

As even more individuals enter “Neil Patel” within Google, my website traffic went from 185,980 a month:

feb traffic

to 454,382 site visitors a month:

august traffic

That’s a significant boost considering I saw the boost in a 6-month period. And although I drew that off back in 2016, it functions also far better today.

Building a brand name isn’t simple and also it is a lasting method. However I am mosting likely to offer you a running start … one that just takes 5 mins

Before I simplify, it complies with the guideline of 7. A person requires to see your brand name 7 times prior to they accumulate commitment to it. To put it simply, if you can maintain obtaining individuals to find back to your website in the brief run, you’ll begin constructing a brand name and also you’ll locate your brand name questions enhance over time.

Now right here’s a screenshot of my statistics so you can see it in the jobs:

push traffic

So much, I’ve obtained 42,316 individuals back to my website 174,281 times. That’s about 4 times, which indicates I have 3 even more to go according to the guideline of 7.

How did I do this?

I utilized a device called Subscribers.

In which I send a press alert every single time I launch a brand-new article:

neil subscribers

Plus, it enables me to create 4,000 plus site visitors for each press I send out.

subscriber stats

Strategy # 6: Optimize your click-through-rate

You do not need to compose brand-new web content or develop web links to enhance your positions.

You can do something as straightforward as enhancing your click-through-rate.

Just think about it by doing this, if 1,000 individuals executed a Google search and also everybody clicked the 2nd listing as opposed to the initial listing, what does that inform Google?

It informs Google that the 2nd listing should, theoretically, be the initial listing. Which’s what Google does … they take the listings individuals are clicking and also relocate as much as the leading and also relocate down the ones individuals do not click.

If you desire detailed guidelines to raising your click-through-rate, follow hack #1.

It functions actually well and also quickly as well. It’s exactly how I increased my search website traffic for among my primary key words by 1,289 site visitors in 30 days.

social media marketing

Strategy 7: Update your old web content

SEO and also paid advertisements have something alike, in which if you quit doing it your website traffic drops.

Paid advertisements are a little bit even worse in which when you quit paying your website traffic returns to where it was.

With SEO, when you quit you’ll see a slow-moving decrease with time.

Now, this method is so reliable that I utilize a permanent individual to assist me out with it and also this is all they do.

Remember exactly how I discussed there moring than a billion blog sites online currently?

Well, I have one full time individual upgrading my old web content to guarantee it does not leave day.

Because Google has many choices to pick from when it pertains to placing websites for any kind of key phrase around, they are mosting likely to place websites that are fresher.

By upgrading your old web content, not just do you guarantee that you’ll keep your website traffic, however you’ll additionally obtain even more website traffic.

There isn’t any kind of actual method to this aside from to undergo your old items of web content that obtain website traffic and also make certain they depend on day.

Sometimes you will not need to make any kind of adjustments, various other times you might need to transform a couple of sentences or web links, and also with any luck, not frequently will certainly you need to re-write an entire post.

And every blue moon you’ll require to remove a web page or a blog post since it is unimportant. For instance, I’ve erased my older article that review social media networks like MySpace that no person makes use of.


Yes, SEO does require time if you think of it similarly everybody else does.

But if you think of it from a strategical viewpoint, you’ll locate brand-new chances that can give fast outcomes.

You might not obtain every one of the website traffic you desire tomorrow however pursuing the reduced dangling fruit will certainly offer the quickest outcomes.

If you desire assistance locating the reduced dangling fruit with your SEO project, you can constantly reach out to my ad agency and also a person will certainly assist. Or you can leave a remark listed below.

So, are you mosting likely to quit considering SEO as simply web link structure and also web content and also begin considering methods to obtain fast victories?

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I have a concern for you …

How do you construct web links?

If I needed to wager, possibilities are you invest little to no time at all on web link structure.

Why? Because it’s difficult.

But why should connect structure be hard?

Most components of SEO are much easier as well as affordable.

For instance, if you wish to compose material … you simply go as well as compose it

It might not be terrific material, however absolutely nothing is quiting you beginning, discovering, as well as boosting.

On the various other hand, if you wish to construct web links, where would certainly you begin?

That’s a little bit complicated due to the fact that web link devices set you back loan … as well as a great deal of loan if you are simply starting

But that’s mosting likely to alter in 30 days with your aid!

Link structure made basic

As you might recognize, I launched a brand-new variation of Ubersuggest a couple of weeks earlier. As well as with your aid, I wish to turn out a totally free web link device.

Here’s what I am assuming as well as, prior to I roll it out, I wish to obtain your comments.

So, with the brand-new Ubersuggest, I made it where you can place in a URL.

Let’s state I’m your rival …

You would certainly head over to Ubersuggest as well as simply placed in

You’ll wind up with a record that looks something such as this:


Now, one of the most beneficial component of the device (as well as this is where I wish to incorporate web link structure) is the leading web pages.

It reveals you the web pages on your rivals’ websites that are one of the most preferred.

The means most SEOs expand their website traffic is by learning what’s benefiting their rival and after that duplicating them or, also much better, beguiling them.

So if you were taking on me, you might see every one of my most preferred web pages based upon Google website traffic.

top pages

You can also click “sight all” under the Est. Check outs column to see every one of the keyword phrases that are driving website traffic to my website.

top keywords pages

I recognize this record isn’t best, however it provides you an actually great concept of what you need to be targeting if you desire a lot more website traffic.

Because if something is benefiting your rivals, it will most likely benefit you.

But there is one huge problem … if you simply compose comparable material to your competitors, there is no warranty that you will certainly defeat them. Unless you construct a lot more web links than them

So on that particular very same record, I was thinking of including a drop-down that breaks down the precise web links that drive website traffic to every certain URL.

It would certainly look something such as this:

backlink data

I recognize the information is phony as well as scrap, however with any luck it provides you a concept of what I am assuming.

This one record will certainly enable you to see that is connecting to your rival’s most preferred web pages, the support message they are making use of, when the web link was last seen, as well as also the authority (web page rating) of the back links.

Now, prior to you offer me comments on this record, there is another record I’m thinking of introducing within the following 30 days.


For those of you that are sophisticated SEOs, I was thinking of making it very simple to see that connects to you along with your competitors.

I wish to begin with something fundamental so I can obtain you this report/feature within 30 days.

It would certainly look something such as this:

backlink report

You’ll have the ability to see the authority of the web page or a domain name, the complete variety of back links, the amount of nofollow web links, referring domain names, as well as also referring IPs.

If you wish to obtain granular, you can, by simply checking out brand-new web links or shed web links or perhaps one web link per domain name.

And obviously you can see all the information of the web link, such as title, URL, support message, authority, if the web link was a message web link or a photo web link, as well as when the web link was last seen.

If you wish to pierce down additionally, the filters will certainly enable you to do that.

backlink filters

Once you have the information looking the means you desire, you’ll have the ability to conveniently export the information.


The entire objective of this device would certainly be to make web link structure simpler for you. You’ll have the ability to key in any kind of URL, discover that connects bent on them, as well as conveniently struck them up as well as request them to connect to your website.

The records will not take greater than 10 secs to tons … so discovering chances will not be challenging. Crafting e-mails as well as doing the outreach will certainly be the difficult component.

I recognize this will not automate every one of your the web link structure initiatives, however it will certainly make the procedure simpler as well as a lot more reliable for you.

So, what do you assume, should I launch this attribute within the following 30 days?

And if you assume I should do it, what various other attributes would certainly you desire me to launch?

Oh, as well as the web link information would certainly be fresh as well as upgraded daily.

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Facebook interaction is less complicated and also better than you ever before pictured.

I located this out by hand.

At one factor, I was investing numerous hundreds of bucks a month on Facebook Ads.

Sure, I was obtaining some massive successes. Yet I was additionally wasting a ton of money

For instance, I as soon as invested $400,000 on Facebook follower web page suches as.

I still really feel foolish for that a person …

The interaction simply had not been there. I had a multitude of followers however really little real interaction.

I had no concept that concealed devices within Facebook’s applications, expansions, understandings, techniques, and also robots that might have made my Facebook advertisement invest 80 times extra efficient.

Facebook advertising and marketing resembles an iceberg. Lots of people see the leading component– Facebook advertisements. They invest their whole time maximizing that bit of capacity.

The actual power is below. It’s concealed.

And that’s why I developed this checklist.

I desire you to understand precisely what those concealed Facebook advertising and marketing devices are and also exactly how you can raise your interaction by 154% as I did.

Now prior to we begin, for the initial couple of concealed devices you require Mobile Monkey to use every one of the techniques (it’s totally free). Along with that, a few of the concealed devices that I’ll discover are within Facebook … you simply do not find out about them.

Hidden Tool # 1: Facebook Messenger Marketing

Okay, I’m starting with a large, wide one.

It’s concealing in ordinary view: Facebook Messenger marketing

For some factor, not much marketing professionals are capitalizing on Messenger advertising and marketing, although it’s the best possibility in electronic advertising and marketing today.

What does this mean for you? It implies that you can acquire first mover’s advantage.

Using Facebook Messenger for advertising and marketing is as basic as it appears … you send out messages to clients on Facebook Messenger.

What makes this network various from various other marketing methods like email marketing is the outcomes.

Where else can you obtain interaction outcomes like that?

I do not understand of any type of, and also I’ve done a fair bit of internet marketing.

The ideal means to begin with Facebook Messenger advertising and marketing is with MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is an effective chatbot building contractor that I make use of directly. Chatbots are important for racking up overpriced open prices, CTRs, and also conversion prices.

And most importantly, it’s totally free.

Hidden Tool # 2: Comment Guard (Private Reply by means of Messenger)

A remark guard is a Facebook Messenger advertising and marketing function that permits you to include brand-new calls to your get in touch with checklist when they talk about your Facebook article.

It’s like a magic potion for interaction.

It functions such as this.

  1. You publish something on Facebook customarily.
  2. People talk about your article.
  3. Anyone that discusses the article obtains your automated personal reply in Messenger.
  4. When they involve with this reply, they are contributed to your Facebook Messenger get in touch with checklist.

The mobile screenshot listed below screens precisely what takes place.

Someone talk about the article, and also they instantly obtain a Messenger message.

Imagine this. You publish something on your Facebook web page that has high interaction capacity … a meme, a test, a competition, a concern, whatever All the remarks that you acquire aren’t simply remarks any longer, they’re cozy leads.

You’ll need to use MobileMonkey in order to draw this off, however it’s actually very easy.

  1. Just click the “FB remark guard” switch utilizing the MobileMonkey application.
  2. Create an autoresponder message.
  3. Point them to your Messenger conversation touchdown web page.
  4. Add the remark guard to your chosen Facebook article.

Hidden Tool # 3: Click to Messenger Ads

A Click-to-Messenger Ad is a typical Facebook advertisement with a spin. Rather than sending out individuals to a touchdown web page, you send them to a Facebook Messenger crawler series.

It resembles this:

Once the individual begins that Facebook Messenger series, they are a lead. Which’s when a chatbot takes control of to bring them down the conversion channel.

For instance, you might have your chatbot ask individuals inquiries, and also send them uses that they’re interested in.

It can be tough to by hand reply to hundreds of message questions. Rather, you can guide those conversation sessions originated from your Messenger Ads straight to a MobileMonkey chatbot, which can ask certifying inquiries and also involve individuals at range.

Check out this article, for detailed guidelines on leveraging this advertisement device

Hidden Tool # 4: Chat Blaster

Chat blasting is a powerful method for obtaining your message before your whole Facebook Messenger checklist in mins.

I’ve handled conversation blowing up projects that racked up a 96.9% open prices in simply sixty mins.

With MobileMonkey you can set up conversation blasts, mass send out, establish interactive Messenger series, develop special deals, and also anything else that assists your advertising and marketing.

To begin, simply click “Chat Blaster” in the application.

One of things that I such as regarding the Chat Blaster is the capacity to sector target markets. A number of the projects that I take care of entail hundreds of calls, so I intend to limit my calls to simply the best targets.

Creating sections is basic utilizing MobileMonkey, which permits you to “Create Audience” with a click.

Your target market can do self-segmentation when the conversation blast sends out.

Hidden Tool # 5: Messenger Scan Codes

Remember QR codes? They really did not actually capture on that large, however the concept is getting brand-new ground with Facebook Messenger codes.

Anyone that’s on Facebook Messenger has a special code.

  • In Messenger, faucet on your account photo in the top right.
  • Then touch your account photo once again
  • The picture that shows up is your Messenger code.

From this display, you can additionally check a code.

Your Facebook web page’s distinct check code is an exceptional means to include individuals to your Messenger get in touch with checklist. An individual merely checks your code and also they’re component of your checklist.

I can see applications for this at seminars, on bulletin board system advertisements, goods, or perhaps calling card.

Hidden Tool # 6. Cozy Engaged Invites

One method that I’ve utilized to construct my Facebook target market is by directly welcoming individuals that have actually involved with my facebook web page, to come to be a web page follower.

From your company Facebook web page (desktop computer), discover a blog post that has interaction.

Using this device, you watch individuals that involved with your article and also can welcome individuals to such as the web page.

The reason this is useful is that you’re able to target involved followers. If you have a great deal of Facebook followers, however not a great deal of interaction, Facebook’s algorithm will punish you.

Instead, determine those individuals that will certainly be involved and also by hand welcome them.

Hidden Tool # 7: Send Personal Invites in Messenger

A comparable hack is welcoming your good friends to like your company web page, as well as additionally sending out the welcome in Messenger.

This is the approach that I advise because you can additionally customize the message and also provide 2 touches as opposed to simply one.

Click on the … switch on your Facebook web page, after that click “Invite Friends.”

Here, you can welcome good friends and also develop a tailored message. Make certain to inspect package near the bottom to send out the welcome utilizing Messenger.

Hidden Tool # 8: Invite People to Your Facebook Group by Email

I enjoy hacks that integrate 2 systems. I can take advantage of among my advertising and marketing networks by incorporating it with one more.

You can welcome individuals to join your Facebook team by sending them an e-mail. Certainly, you’ll require an e-mail checklist to do this.

Here’s exactly how.

From your Facebook Group web page, click “participants” on the left side.

From the following web page, you can include e-mail addresses and also individual notes to guests.

Currently, the only means I understand exactly how to do this is by hand. If you have a big e-mail checklist, it might take some time.:/

Hidden Tool # 9: Competitor Advertisement Espionage

I’m a massive follower of ethical espionage

In the globe of SEO, it’s not that tough.

Just connect in a URL to something like RankSignals.

Boom, immediately you have intel.

And a few of it is actually handy.

But with a lot of brand names currently investing millions on Facebook advertisements, exactly how do you handle that sort of details?

You will certainly not have the ability to obtain your rival’s targeting details and also advertisement invest however you can discover where, exactly how typically, and also what the competitors is marketing.

Let’s state I’m the competitors and also you intend to snoop on me. Initially, discover my Facebook web page and also touch the “i” switch on the best side.

On this web page, you can discover if the web page has actually ever before transformed names, when it was developed, and also where the web page supervisors lie. This can be convenient intel.

Tap on “Active Ads.”

If the web page is running advertisements, you’ll have the ability to see them right here.

Hidden Tool #10: Page Competition Gauge

I such as to have a strong understanding of that my competitors is and also what they’re up to.

But exactly how do I understand that my competitors is? The good news is, Facebook’s formula has actually figured it out for me.

To utilize this function, most likely to your Facebook Page Insights. From Insights, scroll down till you see “Pages to Watch.”

By default, Facebook reveals you 5 possible rivals, however you can watch even more by clicking “See More Suggested Pages.”

When you include a rival to your seen web pages, you’ll have the ability to stay up to date with their task, development prices, complete sort, and also the regularity of their blog posts.

This details will certainly aid you recognize exactly how you’re doing and also what you could require to alter.

Hidden Tool #11: Find Where You’re Gaining Followers

It is necessary for you to find out where you’re obtaining your fans so you can understand exactly how to obtain even more.

One handy means to obtain this details is once again with Page Insights. Faucet “Followers” and also scroll down till you see “Where Your Page Follows Happened.”

Facebook programs you adhere to amounts according to 5 places:

  1. On Your Page
  2. Search
  3. Uncategorized Desktop
  4. Your Posts
  5. Others

If a specific resource reveals big adhere to prices, attempt to turn around designer what took place, after that do it once again.

Hidden Tool #12: Identify Audience Signals on Page Insights

One manner in which I make use of metrics to take advantage of my advertising and marketing initiatives is to watch my Facebook web page understandings, specifically the group details.

When watching this details, I’m seeking solid positives– signs that my target market prefers a specific group.

For instance, this web page shows a solid favorable for males and females in between the ages of 25-44

If you’re 21, there’s just a little opportunity you’re mosting likely to have an interest in my web page. By comparison, if you’re a 30- years of age man, there is a much more powerful possibility that you will certainly have a passion in this web page.

This details assists me understand exactly how, where, and also upon whom to concentrate my advertising and marketing initiatives.

Hidden Tool #13: Pull Email Addresses

I enjoy this hack.

You understand exactly how tough it is to obtain individuals’s e-mail address nowadays, right? Despite exactly how enticing your web content upgrade, requesting for somebody’s e-mail address amounts requesting for their social safety and security number.

With Facebook Messenger advertising and marketing, that’s no more the instance.

You can develop a Facebook Messenger chatbot that requests a person’s e-mail address. After that, all they do is click a switch to pre-fill their address.

Facebook does all the help you.

Here’s what the crawler resembles in MobileMonkey.

As long as you establish the input kind as e-mail, Facebook will certainly understand to draw the customer’s e-mail address precisely as they’ve entered it when developing a Facebook account. No typos, absolutely nothing.

This is one more instance of utilizing 2 various networks to obtain details and also involve your individuals. When you make use of a chatbot, it makes the procedure automated and also very easy.

Hidden Tool #14: Pull Phone Numbers

If there’s something tougher to obtain from a consumer than their e-mail address, it’s their telephone number.

Again, powered by chatbots, it’s a cinch. Making use of input kind “phone” in MobileMonkey implies that you’re assured to obtain the customer’s main telephone number as they supplied when and also if they saved their telephone number in Facebook.

It’s easy to understand that individuals are reluctant to enter their telephone number on a strange system– a get in touch with type on your site, for example.

It’s fairly a various degree of convenience when they are requested for a telephone number in an acquainted messaging application, and also Facebook immediately includes the number.

Literally, all that your get in touch with needs to do is touch their telephone number.

Hidden Tool #15: Website Chat Widget

This one appears apparent, however once again it’s unusual exactly how couple of internet sites are placing the power of a website chat widget to function.

Check this out. If you most likely to MobileMonkey’s site, there is a conversation widget on virtually every web page.

If you’ve logged right into Facebook Messenger on that particular internet browser, all you need to do is click and also you’re presented to a Messenger series with MobileMonkey.

This series powered by a chatbot brings you additionally down the channel.

One of the distinct and also effective functions of this channel is that it is self-guided. You really feel as if you’re in control– choosing and also choosing choices.

Regardless of your selections, nonetheless, you are making much deeper links with the item and also the advertising and marketing channel.

Hidden Tool #16: Track Specific Facebook Conversions

The advantage regarding Facebook Ads Manager is that you have accessibility to a lots of details.

The negative aspect of Facebook Ads Manager is that you additionally have accessibility to a lots of details.

Take conversions, for instance.

If you’re tracking them, great for you. Yet which conversions are you tracking? Below are the choices:

I call this set “concealed” due to the fact that real conversions are basically in Advertisement Manager below a great deal of various other sound.

You need to limit your conversion tracking to simply the conversions that you require to find out about.

For among my companies, I just concentrate on 5 sorts of conversions.

Everything else is ineffective.

I’ve written about this before when you obtain clearness on what to track, you’ll do a whole lot far better at materializing progression with your Facebook marketing.

Hidden Tool #17: Messenger Drip Campaigns

If you’ve remained in Internet advertising and marketing for any type of quantity of time, you understand exactly how powerful a great drip project can be.

Imagine boosting this strength by 10 x.

That’s precisely what a Facebook Messenger drip project can do. Once more, the power remains in the chatbot building contractor.

MobileMonkey’s drip project function simply takes a click to begin.

Unlike an e-mail drip project which can take days or weeks to finish, a Facebook Messenger drip project can be finished in an issue of mins or hrs.

Plus, when you make use of a chatbot, the whole series can be interactive. You can develop selections and also involve the customer on a much much deeper degree.


There’s means even more to Facebook than satisfies the eye.

I have a solid feeling that Facebook advertising and marketing isn’t mosting likely to decrease in the following 2-4 years. It’s mosting likely to come to be significantly extra effective.

There’s a reason a lot of of the concealed advertising and marketing devices over concentrate on Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger advertising and marketing has actually basically transformed the video game, and also it’s done so in 2 locations where advertising and marketing climbs or drops:

  • Interactivity or discussion— Messenger advertising and marketing, also when powered by a robot, has an individual feeling. Rather than bullhorn advertising and marketing– informing your target market to do, get, review, go to, view. You’re requesting for their responses and also opening a discussion.
  • Speed of interaction— Unlike the antarctic rate of e-mail advertising and marketing (like drip projects), Messenger advertising and marketing has a much swifter tempo. Lots of people have a pavlovian action to the crisp ding of their Messenger notices. They intend to see that’s sending them an individual message. This implies your open prices and also click with prices are skyrocketing.

It’s not mosting likely to last for life. Like the banner advertisements of years previous, Messenger advertising and marketing will certainly shed its appeal as individuals come to be familiar with it.

By involving Messenger advertising and marketing currently, you’ll have a much more powerful benefit.

What Messenger advertising and marketing techniques does your brand name or company presently make use of?

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In 2018, I assured you I would certainly launch a far better variation of Ubersuggest totally free, as well as I did that.

But there was one huge concern: Ubersuggest just dealt with a keyword degree. When you place in a search phrase, you obtain a listing of even more keyword phrase suggestions as well as material suggestions.

And after that when you place in a URL, absolutely nothing occurred.

Well, that was in the past.

You can currently obtain domain name degree metrics!!!!

So allow’s study the brand-new Ubersuggest.

Traffic Analyzer Overview

The website traffic analyzer is damaged down right into 3 major areas: introduction, leading web pages, as well as key phrases.

The introduction resembles this:


The very first area damages some fundamental statistics as well as a chart of the domain name’s search website traffic.

domain metrics

As you can see from the screenshot over, you’ll see the number of key phrases a domain name rates for, the overall approximated search website traffic from that area, the variety of paid key phrases a website is bidding process on, as well as just how much they are investing in Google Ads.

In enhancement to that, you’ll see a web traffic chart that reveals approximated search website traffic a website gets gradually.

And naturally, a domain name degree introduction will not be full without information such as back links, referring domain names, the number web links, as well as just how much the natural website traffic deserves if you needed to spend for it.

Now, prior to you head over to Ubersuggest as well as enter a domain name, there is something you require to bear in mind … Ubersuggest deals with subdomains as a different website. So if you go into in you will certainly obtain various outcomes than if you enter By inputting in, you would certainly NOT see any one of the information from their shop unless you enter

We did this purposefully as it enables you to assess websites better.

Also, within the website traffic analyzer, you’ll see bar chart which contain the general positioning of the key phrases you rate for gradually.

keyword rankings

The graph over demonstrate how numerous key phrases a domain name rates for that remain in the leading 3 placements in Google, the top 10 placements, the top 50 placements, as well as the top 100 placements.

You currently recognize nobody clicks past web page one, however gradually you’ll wish to see your website climbing up the rankings. Thus, we track the number of key phrases are rating in the very first 100 placements.

Now allow’s enter into my preferred function of the website traffic analyzer.

Top SEO Pages

The 2nd component of the website traffic analyzer is a listing of one of the most prominent web pages for a provided domain name.

top pages

For each web page, you are provided the title, URL, the variety of check outs a web page gets from Google on a month-to-month basis, as well as the variety of times the URL has actually been shared on the social internet.

My preferred component regarding the leading SEO web pages record is when you click “sight all” you’ll see a listing of key phrases a web page rates for.

top pages

This one record will certainly not just checklist out each keyword a page rates for, however the setting, approximated check outs, price per click information if you spent for that keyword phrase, as well as exactly how hard it would certainly be to rate for it.

What I like regarding this record is that I can place in a contending URL as well as see what’s functioning truly well for my competitors and after that duplicate them. And even much better, develop a much more comprehensive web page than my competitors.

Plus, if you have customers that are international, you can click the flag on top as well as see the leading web pages for any type of domain name in all of the significant nations.

For instance, right here are my most prominent web pages in Brazil.

top pages brazil

Top Keywords

The last area in the brand-new Ubersuggest is leading key phrases.

Whether you place in your very own domain name or rivals, you’ll have the ability to see every one of the natural key phrases as well as paid key phrases a website is pursuing.

organic keywords

When you click the “paid” switch you’ll see the checklist of paid key phrases also.

paid keywords

And much like the keyword research study records within Ubersuggest, you’ll have information on URLs, paid problem as well as SEO problem.


I wish you appreciate the brand-new variation ofUbersuggest I recognize there are still some pests in which the records do not pack as quick as you desire (Top SEO Pages can occupy to 20 secs to tons) as well as you might need to remove your cache to see the brand-new functions, however with any luck, you appreciate the updates.

There are likewise some problems with replicate key phrases as well as misspellings. The design group is constantly wanting to repair this.

We do recognize there are numerous problems with replicate key phrases as well as misspellings in our Japan data source, however we are dealing with repairing this asap.

So generally, I recognize it’s not excellent, however what do you assume until now?

And if you have not attempted it, head over to Ubersuggest as well as enter a domain name.

PS: If you discover any type of pests, please e-mail

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