This week’s roundup includes tips to create a powerful social media strategy, attract new customers with a well-planned content strategy, and boost the local SEO efforts of your multi-location business. Learn how to generate more leads for your online business and create an effective mobile marketing strategy. We’ve covered all of this news and much more below!

From the UpCity Blog:

  • Our own manager of content & product marketing, Jordan Stella, discusses the issue of review fraud on online marketplaces and what UpCity is doing to combat it.
  • Jayson Rellis spills the beans on what most agencies won’t tell you about PPC.
  • Kelly Rose Magnuson breaks down the 7 types of video every business owner should know.
  • Follow these tips from Peter Otte to ensure that your website is fully accessible by everyone.
  • Ben Capa explains how to supercharge the SEO of your hospitality site through content.

Content Marketing:

  • Learn how to integrate an adaptive strategy for cross channel content marketing from Kristen Traynor’s blog.
  • Follow these tips from Kwaku Abedi to track content marketing initiatives and ROI.
  • Ivan Widjaya’s blog presents fresh ideas to increase traffic to your site with content marketing.
  • Sonia Simone underscores the need to explore powerful ideas and transform cornerstone ideas into strategic content if you want to grab customer attention and improve your content strategy.
  • Vanessa Petersen offers guidance to develop a well-planned content strategy for attracting new customers and increasing sales.

Conversion Optimization:

  • Fawad Malik emphasizes the need to include an attention-grabbing CTA, perform A/B testing, and create compelling copy for increasing conversions.
  • Mamta’s blog lists a basic process for converting visitors into sales.
  • Ann Smarty draws special attention to the conversion optimization tactics that can increase traffic to your website.
  • Follow these valuable tips from Zac Johnson to generate more leads for your online business.

Email Marketing:

  • Chonce Maddox highlights the benefits of including freebies, announcements, and exclusive content in emails meant for subscribers.
  • Mike Madden offers useful email marketing tips to connect with your audience in a better manner and increase engagement.

Local Optimization:

  • Scott Langdon offers helpful tips to help marketers boost the local SEO efforts of your multi-location business.

Mobile Optimization:

  • Stephanie Heitman discusses how tactics such as making CTAs accessible to consumers and creating vertical videos can help marketers create an effective mobile marketing strategy.

Reputation Management:

  • Adam Binder highlights how strategies such as responding to online reviews and paying attention to social media accounts can improve the online reputation of your business.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Learn how to effectively monitor your search engine rankings from John Vargo’s blog.
  • Tyler Smith discusses how your current traffic can impact the performance of your SEO campaigns.
  • Anton Guts’s blog discusses the trends that will dominate the field of SEO in the year 2019.
  • Tanuja Mahdavi highlights the importance of SEO for businesses today.

Social Optimization:

  • Adam Torkildson emphasizes the need to examine your current strategies and invest in social media content creation.
  • Learn how to choose the right social media platform for promoting or marketing your business from Patrick Gillooly’s blog.
  • Melissa Cartew offers valuable tips to help brands write quality content on social media and gain customers.

Website Design:

  • Michael Wahl discusses how mobile-optimized content, personalization, and dynamic backgrounds will trend in the field of website design in the year 2019.
  • Adam Smith offers tips on coding standards, content management, and chatbots for improving the design of your website.

UI/UX Design:

  • Alexander Gilmanov draws special attention to the quick changes that can help marketers improve the user experience of their websites.
  • Lorraine Ryshin highlights the importance of website speed for improving user experience and reducing bounce rate.
Manager of Content & Product Marketing at

Jordan is the Manager of Content & Product Marketing at UpCity. With almost a decade of experience designing websites and writing copy, Jordan has helped countless brands find their voice, tell their story, and connect with real people.

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